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To serve those who are eager to better themselves, by providing a welcoming environment and useful resources to help people make meaningful improvements in their lives. Ultimately, to make sure no one falls between the cracks.


Founded in 1994 as a clearinghouse for those seeking connections to various self-help support groups in Los Angeles County, SHARE! began welcoming customers in 1993. SHARE! was established by people who had previously experienced trauma or mental illness, motivated by their participation in failed self-help support groups. SHARE! Was the poineer peer-run organization for the Los Angeles County Department (mental health), beginning in March 2005.


SHARE! offers Collaborative Housing, which helps people with disabilities find affordable homes through peer-to-peer support and other forms of self-help. This public-private collaboration programme saves money while also fostering its members’ social networks, resilience, and capacity for independence. SHARE! has helped over 2,200 persons in need of mental health treatment find safe housing and has met its $2 million yearly budget goal. SHARE! Recovery Retreat, an intensive two-week programme, was opened in 2013 to help students identify their strengths and the areas of study to which they should commit their lives.


SHARE! links people with communities and self-help organisations that have a focus on healing and social support.  Participants are provided with tools for handling issues like as drug abuse, trauma, mental illness, and toxic relationships. Those who take part in these programmes are given the tools they need to improve their lives, get employment, strengthen their relationships, and rejoin society as contributing members. SHARE! was given the 2013 Outstanding Program Award by the Los Angeles County Mental Health Commission for its cutting-edge approach.


Address:  6666 Green Valley Circle, Culver City, California, 90230

Phone: +1 310-305-8878


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