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Southeast Missouri Food Bank


Southeast Missouri Food Bank

Fighting Hunger, Nourishing Communities



The Southeast Missouri Food Bank is dedicated to addressing food insecurity and hunger in the southeastern region of Missouri, it is a nonprofit organization. Through their programs and initiatives, they work tirelessly to provide nutritious food to individuals and families in need, while also raising awareness about the issue of hunger and advocating for long-term solutions.


Mission and Impact:

To alleviate hunger in the communities they serve by providing food assistance and collaborating with partner agencies. They strive to ensure that all individuals have access to nutritious food, regardless of their circumstances. Through their efforts, they aim to improve the overall well-being and quality of life of the people they serve.


Partnerships and Collaborations:

The Southeast Missouri Food Bank works in close collaboration with a network of partner agencies, including soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, and other organizations that directly serve individuals in need. By partnering with these agencies, they are able to efficiently distribute food and reach a larger number of people facing hunger.


Food Distribution Programs:

The organization operates various food distribution programs to meet the diverse needs of the community. These programs include:

Mobile Pantries:

The Southeast Missouri Food Bank operates mobile pantries to reach underserved areas and provide fresh produce, shelf-stable items, and other essential food items directly to individuals and families in need.

Backpack Program:

Through the Backpack Program, the food bank provides weekend meals to children who may otherwise go hungry. These backpacks are distributed to schools, ensuring that children have access to nutritious food even outside of school hours.


Senior Hunger Programs:  

The food bank recognizes the specific challenges faced by seniors, and they have tailored programs to provide food assistance to this vulnerable population, such as senior mobile pantries and senior commodity boxes.


How to Get Involved:

There are several ways individuals and organizations can support the Southeast Missouri Food Bank in their mission to fight hunger. These include:

Making a Donation:

By making a financial contribution, individuals can help the food bank acquire and distribute more food to those in need. Donations can be made online through their website.


Volunteers are essential to the operation of the food bank because they assist with a wide variety of jobs, including the organization and packaging of food, the distribution of food at mobile pantries, and the assistance with administrative work. Participating in volunteer work is an important and direct approach to make a contribution to the battle against hunger.

Hosting Food Drives:

Individuals, businesses, and community organizations can organize food drives to collect non-perishable food items for the food bank. These donations play a vital role in maintaining a steady supply of food for distribution.



The Southeast Missouri Food Bank plays a crucial role in addressing food insecurity in the region. Through their commitment to providing nutritious food and engaging the community, they are making a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families facing hunger. By supporting their efforts through donations and volunteering, we can help create a hunger-free community where everyone has access to the nourishment they need to thrive.



Address: 600 State Highway H

P.O. Box 190

Sikeston, MO 63801


Phone:  573.471.1818


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