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Great Barr Foodbank


Great Barr Foodbank

A Communal Initiative

In the quiet corner of our neighborhood rests a beacon of hope known as the Great Barr Foodbank. The concept, a result of the collective effort of local churches and community factions, manifests an unwavering commitment to abolish hunger. Orchestrating this commendable undertaking is St Bernard’s Church, a vital entity in Great Barr.

The Foodbank’s impactful endeavors are not borne out of isolation. A beautiful interplay of collaboration, unity, and shared objectives propels the collective motion of churches and community assemblies towards their noble pursuit. Their unified vision? To eradicate hunger that often remains concealed beneath the routine clamor of our lives.

The Foodbank Centre: A Community Oasis

Nestled within our community, the Foodbank Centre stands as a sanctuary for those wrestling with food insecurity. Behind the walls of this haven, lies the ceaseless dedication of our supporters. Through their generous contributions, these philanthropists enable the continuous operation of the foodbank, ensuring the doorway to sustenance remains accessible to those in need.

The call to make a difference is a universal one, open to all willing to extend a hand of support. The opportunity to influence lives, although seemingly inconsequential, can incite transformative ripples. The financial aid, which goes towards operational costs, is an indispensable thread in the fabric of our foodbank’s seamless functioning.

A Plethora of Opportunities: Supporting Great Barr Foodbank

To connect with us, reach out to the Great Barr Foodbank located at St Bernard’s Church on Broome Avenue in Birmingham. If the spirit of giving resonates with you, we extend an invitation for participation through various avenues – food donation, volunteering, and financial contribution. Each effort, no matter the magnitude, holds the potential to effect a substantial change. The genesis of transformation lies within your grasp.

We pledge unyielding adherence to privacy norms and the secure handling of personal information. Our dedication to your privacy mirrors our commitment to alleviating hunger.

The Great Barr Foodbank Journey: An Informative Guide

How can an organization offer referrals to Great Barr Foodbank?

We maintain robust collaborations with numerous local organizations, which serve as the primary contact points for individuals confronting hunger. Entities like Citizens Advice, children’s centres, and health visitors can refer individuals to our Foodbank through foodbank vouchers. If your organization wishes to help guide those in need towards us, we are open to discussing your potential involvement as a registered voucher provider.

What constitutes an average food parcel?

Our standard food parcel contains a minimum three-day supply of nutritious, non-perishable, canned, and dry foods, generously donated by our local community. We do make allowances for specific dietary needs, making it possible to modify your food parcel in line with such requirements.

Can the Foodbank assist with baby supplies like nappies and baby food?

Indeed, our foodbank often has a small reserve of baby supplies like nappies and baby food, which we can include in your parcel. If you need additional items for your baby, please inform us when you arrive at the foodbank.

What if a person can’t reach the foodbank centre?

We accommodate individuals unable to visit our foodbank due to mobility issues or illness by potentially arranging for your food parcel to be delivered to your home.

Great Barr Foodbank – a world where each day is dedicated to providing, supporting, and fostering hope for a brighter future. Together, we can make a difference.




Address: St Bernard’s Church, Broome Avenue, Birmingham, B43 5AL


Phone: 0121 357 5399


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