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The New York Women’s Foundation
The New York Women's Foundation


The New York Women’s Foundation

A charitable organisation called the New York Women’s Foundation works to build a fair and just society in New York City for women and families. They support and give funds to groups that work to better the lives of women and girls, especially those from marginalised and low-income communities. They get support in the areas of financial stability, violence-free living, health, and sexual and reproductive rights.

Their Economic Security Program funds initiatives that assist women in achieving financial independence through entrepreneurship, education, and job training. Also, they back initiatives that deal with the gender wage gap, workplace bias, and the high cost of childcare.

The Freedom from Violence Program provides funding to groups that fight to abolish gender-based violence, help victims of violence, and promote laws that deal with its underlying causes.

Their Health and Sexual Rights Program awards grants to groups that support women’s health concerns, expand access to healthcare, and advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The New York Women’s Foundation also provides grantees with training programmes and seminars to help them expand their capacity, as well as advocacy and public awareness-raising campaigns for problems impacting women and girls.

In conclusion, the New York Women’s Foundation is an essential agency that offers desperately needed assistance to women and girls in New York City. They are dedicated to fostering a more fair and just society for all women and families, and their programmes and grants target important concerns including financial stability, freedom from abuse, health, and sexual and reproductive rights.

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New York Women’s Foundation 6 E 39th St., Suite 1200 New York, NY 10016

Phone Number: (212) 514-6993

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