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Volunteers for Israel - VFI


Uniting Through Service: The Story of Volunteers for Israel and Sar-El


Bridging Communities with a Shared Vision

In the world of non-profit organizations, Volunteers for Israel – VFI stands out as a beacon of unity and service. In partnership with the Israeli organization Sar-El, VFI has been pivotal in creating a unique blend of patriotism and global solidarity. Sar-El, an acronym from the Hebrew ‘Sherut L’Yisrael’ meaning ‘Service to Israel,’ offers a platform for volunteers globally to connect with their ancient homeland, immersing themselves in its landscapes, people, and the unique Jewish ambiance.

A Tapestry of Volunteers: Diversity in Service

The diversity at Sar-El is remarkable, comprising international participants, Israeli residents, IDF disabled veterans, and senior citizens. This mosaic of individuals shares a common goal: to strengthen Israel’s security and welfare. The program extends beyond volunteerism, fostering unity and purpose among its members, thereby enhancing the nation’s social fabric.

Celebrating Leadership and Commitment

The contributions of Sar-El and its founder, General Dr. Aharon Davidi (z”l), have been recognized through numerous honors and awards. General Davidi’s vision and leadership were celebrated nationally, including being chosen to light a memorial torch on Mt. Herzl. His legacy continues to inspire, upheld by Sar-El’s commitment to volunteerism and community service.





An Insider’s Journey: Volunteering with VFI

Volunteers for Israel offers an opportunity to delve into Israel’s culture and contribute to its defense forces. This is not just a travel experience but a gateway to understanding Israel from within. Young adults from around the globe are welcomed to volunteer on IDF bases, experiencing life as an Israeli soldier. This engagement is more than work; it’s a journey of personal growth and cultural immersion.

Flexible Adventures: Tailoring the Volunteer Experience

VFI’s programs are flexible, accommodating different schedules and preferences. Whether opting for solo or group travel, volunteers experience Israel’s beauty and history during their stay. Special programs like the Israel Discovery Program combine military volunteering with cultural exploration, offering a holistic view of Israel’s diverse facets.

A Tribute to Lifelong Advocacy

In a heartwarming gesture, the Israel Discovery Program offers an airfare subsidy in memory of Irving and Roz Schnitzer, celebrating their advocacy for Israel and lifelong membership in Hadassah. This tribute symbolizes the deep connections and commitments fostered by VFI and Sar-El.

Embarking on a Unique Journey

To join these life-changing experiences, volunteers navigate a straightforward application process, culminating in their integration into the IDF community. Volunteering in Israel through VFI is more than a helping hand; it’s an invitation to the heart of Israel, promising personal growth, cultural immersion, and international friendships.

Conclusion: The Power of Volunteering

Volunteers for Israel, in collaboration with Sar-El, exemplifies the impact of volunteerism in uniting diverse communities towards a shared goal. Their efforts transcend mere logistical support for the IDF, weaving a stronger global Jewish community bonded by a sense of belonging and shared responsibility. This narrative of selfless service and community building is not just inspiring; it’s a testament to the power of volunteering in shaping a nation’s identity and strength.



  • Website: Volunteers for Israel Website

  • Address: Park West Finance Station, P.O. Box 20616, New York, NY 10025

  • Email:

  • Phone: Toll-Free: (866) 514-1948



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