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Wandsworth Foodbank


Wandsworth Foodbank

Wandsworth Foodbank is a charitable organisation dedicated to assisting people and families in Wandsworth who are suffering financial trouble. Since its establishment in 2013, the charity has provided disadvantaged individuals of the community with emergency food, assistance, and counsel. Its objective is to combat food insecurity in the region and provide a long-term solution to the problem.

The Wandsworth Foodbank provides a number of services to individuals in need, including emergency food supply, home necessities, and financial guidance. Volunteers contribute their time, talents, and resources to ensure that community members have access to the required help when they need it most.

Individuals may acquire food vouchers from several reference agencies, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Social Services, and Health Visitors, in order to use the services of the Wandsworth Foodbank. These coupons may subsequently be used at any of the Foodbank’s distribution facilities for emergency food supply. Also, the charity takes food contributions from the general public and companies in order to maintain their stock of critical products.

In addition to providing emergency food supplies, the Wandsworth Foodbank provides financial counselling and assistance to individuals and families dealing with debt and other financial challenges. The group collaborates with other partners and organisations to give access to legal counsel, housing assistance, and debt management services.

Ultimately, the Wandsworth Foodbank offers a lifeline for individuals in need within the community. Their dedication to delivering emergency food supplies, assistance, and counsel has aided several people and families in times of need. By the generosity of volunteers, funders, and partners, the organisation continues to have a profound effect on the lives of disadvantaged Wandsworth community members.



Address: St Mark’s Church, Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1EJ



Phone:  020 7326 9428

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