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Welsh Women's Aid
Welsh Women's Aid


Welsh Women’s Aid

Women and children in Wales who are victims of domestic violence and abuse may get crucial assistance from Welsh Women’s Aid. Since 1978, the group has worked to eradicate domestic violence, and it is still committed to provide crucial assistance to abuse victims today.

A nationwide hotline is one of the main services offered by Welsh Women’s Aid. The 24-hour hotline offers discreet assistance and information to abuse victims, as well as to their friends, family, and other concerned parties. The hotline is manned by qualified experts who can provide emotional support, useful guidance, and introductions to other groups and services.

Via its affiliated groups, which are dispersed across Wales, Welsh Women’s Aid also offers assistance to survivors. These groups provide a variety of services, including as safe housing, advocacy, counselling, and legal assistance. In order for these groups to be able to provide survivors the best treatment possible, Wales Women’s Aid offers them training and assistance.

Welsh Women’s Aid seeks to eradicate domestic violence and abuse by promoting social and political change in addition to providing direct assistance. The group works in lobbying and advocacy work to make sure that survivors’ voices are heard and that laws and regulations are in place to protect them. Welsh Women’s Aid also fights against attitudes and actions that support domestic violence and abuse.

The dedication to intersectionality by Welsh Women’s Aid is one of its distinctive features. The group acknowledges that racism, ableism, and homophobia are only a few of the types of discrimination and oppression that women who endure domestic violence and abuse often deal with. Welsh Women’s Help strives to combat these interrelated kinds of oppression and make sure that all survivors may access and benefit from their services.

Overall, Welsh Women’s Aid is essential to helping victims of domestic violence and abuse in Wales. The group strives to make all women and children safer and more just via its array of services, advocacy initiatives, and dedication to intersectionality. Welsh Women’s Aid can provide support and help if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse or violence in Wales.




Address: Welsh Women’s Aid, Violence Against Women Centre of Excellence,Pendragon House, Caxton Place,Pentwyn,Cardiff CF23 8XE


Phone:  02920 541551

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