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Aberdeenshire North Foodbank

The Aberdeenshire North Foodbank has been assisting individuals in need since 2013. The goal of this arm of The Trussell Trust is to enable access to emergency food supplies for persons facing financial distress.

The fact that the Aberdeenshire North Foodbank assisted 3,572 households in 2020 reflects the rising need for food banks. Donations of nonperishable, in-date food goods are made to the foodbank by local schools, churches, businesses, and individuals. Before delivering them to individuals in need, volunteers examine the commodities for freshness and compatibility.

The Aberdeenshire North Foodbank’s effectiveness is one of its most distinctive features. Doctors, health visitors, social workers, and police officers are among the experts that partner with the organization to identify and refer persons in need of support. Thus, those who need assistance the most will not have to wait.

Volunteers at the Aberdeenshire North Foodbank are committed to assisting local families and individuals in need. Three days’ worth of food is put into boxes and provided by the charity to those in need. While preparing the food packages, consideration is given to the circumstances and dietary requirements of each receiver, ensuring that they will get nutritious, well-balanced meals.

Due to the increasing need for its services, the Aberdeenshire North Foodbank is always looking for new ways to give back to the community. Help with housing, healthcare, and financial challenges are examples of possible extra services.

In conclusion, the Aberdeenshire North Foodbank is a crucial resource for the region. Volunteers and contributions contribute time and money to aid those in need, while local professionals utilize their experience to further the objective of the organization.



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