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Asha Ray of Hope


Asha Ray of Hope


Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects countless women worldwide, including South Asian women living in the United States. Asha Ray of Hope was founded by a group of concerned members of the South Asian community, including physicians, teachers, and business leaders who were alarmed by the high rates of domestic violence among South Asian women in the country.

Asha Ray of Hope’s aim is to empower South Asian women who have endured abuse by delivering in their own language accurate information, compassionate assistance, effective programs, and effective advocacy. The organization is cognizant of the unique challenges faced by South Asian women, including a lack of cultural adoption, recent immigration, the absence of traditional family support, a language barrier, and a lack of familiarity with United States laws and services.

The services provided by Asha Ray of Hope are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client, with a focus on providing a safe haven of culturally appropriate help, advocacy, and resources for women facing domestic abuse. The organization collaborates with domestic violence groups around the nation to provide a comprehensive range of services, including food, clothing, housing, medical treatment, counseling, legal representation, transportation, support services, education, employment, and other essentials.

Asha Ray of Hope also partners with non-domestic violence services in the areas of education, socialization, employment, and vocational training to facilitate the reintegration of survivors into the community. Additionally, the organization engages in outreach activities to inform and educate the South Asian community about domestic violence and the resources available to survivors.

At Asha Ray of Hope, every client is treated as an individual, with services tailored to their unique requirements. The organization recognizes that age, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, degree of education, language spoken, and immigration status vary among the women they serve. Asha Ray of Hope is committed to helping survivors of domestic violence feel secure and reclaim their lives while also strengthening the community and supporting social change in general.


Address: 4900 Reed Rd #300, Columbus, OH 43220


Phone:  614.326.2121

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