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B30 Foodbank


B30 Foodbank


B30 Food bank is a Cotteridge, Birmingham-based charity that provides emergency food provisions to those in need. In 2021 alone, the organization distributed over 6,770 three-day emergency food supplies, including 2,307 for children, to those in need. This demonstrates the significance of the services provided by the B30 Foodbank, particularly during challenging periods such as the pandemic.

B30 Food bank was founded in 2013 with the assistance of B30 Churches and the assistance of the Trussell Trust. B30 Foodbank, which operates out of the Cotteridge Friends Meeting House and relies on donations from local schools, churches, businesses, and individuals, is supported by a team of 100 volunteers.


B30 Food bank volunteers take the uttermost care to ensure that all donated food is fresh and nonperishable. The food is sorted, packaged, and distributed to families and individuals in need. During difficult periods, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, when many individuals and families have lost their sources of income and are struggling to meet essential requirements, these efforts are especially crucial.

Local congregations and community organizations

B30 Food bank is supported by local congregations and community organizations, and professionals such as physicians, health visitors, social workers, and police identify those in need of food assistance. This collaborative approach has allowed B30 Food bank to assist innumerable individuals in the community.

The significance of food depots such as B30 cannot be overemphasized. In times of crisis, the provision of emergency food supplies ensures that no one goes famished. It also allows individuals and families to focus on other essential aspects of their lives by reducing their financial burden. The tireless efforts of the B30 Foodbank volunteers demonstrate the strength of community and the significance of assisting those in need.

Essential services

For nearly a decade, B30 Foodbank has provided essential services to individuals in crisis. During difficult periods, particularly during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the organization’s efforts to provide emergency food supplies to the residents of South Birmingham have been crucial. The support of local churches, community groups, and volunteers has allowed B30 Foodbank to assist tens of thousands of individuals over the years. The organization’s dedication to supplying sustenance to individuals and families in need continues to have a positive impact on the community.


NameLocationWorking DaysContact
B30 and South Birmingham FoodbankCotteridge Quaker/Friends Meeting HouseTue, Fri


07582 143 972
Cotteridge, 23a Watford Rd, Birmingham, B30 1JB
(For clients with voucher code to collect food. No deliveries)
B30 and South Birmingham Foodbank WarehouseKings Norton Business Park, Unit 17, Castle RoadTue, Fri


(For incoming food donations only. No food parcel collection)



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