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Bridging Access to Care
Bridging Access to Care


BAC – Bridging Access to Care


A non-profit organisation called Bridging Access to Care (BAC) with headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, offers a wide range of healthcare services to people and families dealing with mental illness, drug misuse, and chronic diseases including HIV/AIDS. The BAC is devoted to tackling the socioeconomic determinants of health and health inequities that disproportionately affect underprivileged and marginalised groups.


Services offered by BAC

The services offered by BAC are created to advance clients’ physical and emotional wellbeing, increase their quality of life, and improve health results. The company provides a variety of services, such as mental health care, drug and alcohol rehab, care coordination, housing aid, job placement support, and legal representation.

Assuring that people with mental illnesses get the treatment and assistance they need to live happy lives is one of BAC’s main objectives. Individual and group counselling, medication management, crisis intervention, and peer support are among the organization’s mental health services. The mental health team at BAC works closely with each client to create individualised treatment programmes that are tailored to their specific need.



The drug abuse treatment programme at BAC offers all-encompassing care to those who are suffering from addiction. Assessment and evaluation, outpatient therapy, counselling, and support groups are all included in the programme. To assist clients in achieving and sustaining sobriety, BAC’s drug misuse counsellors employ evidence-based strategies and comprehensive methods.


Care coordination programme

The care coordination programme at BAC assists clients in finding the medical treatment and community services they need to treat chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS. Care coordinators at the organisation collaborate closely with clients to create care plans, provide information and support, and link them to social and medical resources.


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In addition to provide healthcare, BAC also helps clients address the social determinants of health that have an influence on their wellbeing by offering housing aid, job support, and legal representation. The organization’s housing programme offers families and people with HIV/AIDS, drug misuse, and mental illness affordable housing choices. To assist clients in achieving financial independence and stability, BAC’s employment programme provides job training and placement assistance. Legal counsel from BAC is available for problems including eviction, immigration, and receiving government benefits.



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