Caribbean Women's Health Association, Inc. -CWHA
Caribbean Women's Health Association, Inc. -CWHA


Caribbean Women’s Health Association (CWHA)

A nonprofit organisation called the Caribbean Women’s Health Association (CWHA) is committed to provide women and families from various cultural and racial origins access to high-quality healthcare services and health education. In order to address the health inequities and disadvantages that Caribbean women and their families experience in the United States, the group was created in 1982.

The extensive variety of services provided by CWHA are created to address the particular healthcare requirements of Caribbean women and their families. Primary medical treatment, mental health care, dental care, HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, health education and promotion, and case management are among the services offered.

The primary healthcare services provided by CWHA are delivered by qualified medical experts with expertise. A group of board-certified doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants work for the business and provide patients complete treatment. Routine check-ups, vaccines, family planning, pap smears, and breast examinations are among the medical services provided by CWHA.


To assist patients in coping with emotional and psychological problems, CWHA now offers mental health treatments in addition to medical care. A collection of qualified mental health specialists working for the organisation provide individual, family, and group therapy services. The CWHA provides individual counselling, group therapy, crisis intervention, and referral services for mental health issues.

Those in need may also get dental care services through CWHA. Patients may get both preventative and restorative dental care from the group’s staff of skilled and qualified dentists. The dental treatments provided by CWHA include fillings, extractions, tooth cleaning, and dentures.

The CWHA also provides counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS, which is a significant service. For anyone who may be at risk of catching the virus, the group offers private HIV testing and counselling services. The CWHA provides testing, counselling, education, and referral services for HIV/AIDS.

CWHA is a great resource for Caribbean women and their families living in the United States, all things considered. Many people’s health and well-being have improved because to the organization’s dedication to provide high-quality health care services and education.






Women’s Health

The goal of the Women’s Health CWHA is to improve birth and infant health outcomes and decrease health inequities via community-based activities in regions where these problems are more prevalent.

Baby Safe Sleeping Techniques

CWHA offers community-wide education through activities like events, workshops, and training to advance knowledge in enhanced start, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding, disorder caused by foetal alcohol exposure (FASD), and parenting abilities.

Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment

As part of its mission, CWHA educates women on a variety of topics related to their health, such as the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in regular physical exercise, reducing stress, and preventing domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

Reproductive and Sexual Health Education

CWHA provides education on pre- and inter-conceptional health, birth spacing, and sexual and reproductive health planning. It also aims to reduce the negative impacts of toxic stress and trauma.

Labour and Delivery Support

At-risk pregnant and postpartum women in the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan regions receive labour and delivery support, including complimentary birth and postpartum doulas. CWHA also connects these women with doula services offered all throughout New York City.

Early Literacy Instruction

CWHA provides education on early literacy instruction to educate parents how to get their kids reading.


CWHA provides counseling, testing, and information on preventative strategies for HIV/AIDS in North and Central Brooklyn. It also offers free PrEP and PEP services and recurring monthly sessions for high-risk and HIV-positive women.


CWHA’s Immigration Section conducts KNOW YOUR RIGHTS training on a variety of immigration law topics for residents of New York.

Health Insurance/Medicare

If you are a U.S. citizen between the ages of 0 and 64 and have a low income, CWHA may help you apply for low- or no-cost health insurance via the Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or Family Health Plus programmes.

Domestic Violence

CWHA provides support for victims of domestic violence, including counseling and resources for individuals in a domestic environment.



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