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Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley


Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley

Nourishing Communities, Alleviating Hunger



Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley It is a charity organization with the mission of putting an end to hunger and enhancing people’s lives via the provision of all-encompassing food aid, instruction on proper nutrition, and access to essential community services. As the 7th largest food bank in Texas and the 49th largest in the United States, their mission focuses on serving the Rio Grande Valley and providing essential support to up to 146,000 individuals experiencing food insecurity. Through a diverse range of programs and partnerships with over 275 community organizations, the organization strives to make a meaningful impact on hunger in the region.


Vision and Mission: Feeding Hope, Empowering Lives

Driven by the belief that no one should go hungry, the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley has dedicated itself to the following vision and mission:


Vision: The organization envisions a community where every individual has access to nutritious food, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being.


Mission: It aims to alleviate hunger and enhance lives. They accomplish this through efficient distribution, collaborative partnerships, and community engagement.


Services Offered

Their services include:


  1. Food Assistance Programs: The organization directs the majority of its resources towards providing food assistance. Through partnerships with over 275 non-profit agencies, they distribute meals, groceries, and fresh produce to those facing food insecurity.


  1. Nutrition Education: Recognizing the importance of promoting healthy eating habits, the organization conducts nutrition education programs. These initiatives empower individuals to make informed choices, develop essential cooking skills, and maximize the nutritional value of available resources.


  1. Social Services Support: The Social Services Department of the the bank assists individuals in accessing state-funded social and health services. Certified Case Assistance Navigators offer guidance during the application process, connecting people to programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, and Children’s Medicaid.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a pivotal role in the success of the organization. By dedicating their time and energy, individuals can contribute to the organization’s mission and make a tangible difference in their community. Volunteers are needed for various tasks, including packing boxes, bagging produce, and restocking shelves. Both individual and group volunteers are welcome, and the warehouse can accommodate up to 150 volunteers at a time.


Making Donations

To support the organization’s crucial work, individuals have the opportunity to make one-time or recurring donations. These contributions directly impact the organization’s ability to provide food assistance, nutrition education, and community services to those in need. Donations can be made through the organization’s website, ensuring that every dollar contributes to fighting hunger and feeding hope.



The Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley stands as a pillar of hope and resilience in the fight against hunger. Through their comprehensive services, collaborative partnerships, and dedicated volunteers, they make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families facing food insecurity in the Rio Grande Valley. By nourishing communities and empowering lives, the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley brings the vision of a hunger-free region one step closer to reality.






Address: 724 N. Cage Blvd.

Pharr, TX 78577


Phone:  956-682-8101


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