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Food Bank of West Central Texas


Food Bank of West Central Texas

Fighting Hunger, Providing Hope



Food Bank of West Central Texas is a vital organization dedicated to fighting hunger and providing hope to the community. This organization, which has as one of its primary goals the reduction of food insecurity, plays an essential part in making certain that people and families have ready access to wholesome meals. In this article, we will explore the vision, mission, services, volunteer opportunities, and donation options offered by the organization.


Vision and Mission

The Food Bank of West Central Texas envisions a future where no one in the community goes hungry. Their mission is to provide hunger relief to those in need, with a focus on supporting households with children, elderly individuals, individuals below the poverty line, and households with employed adults. By addressing food insecurity, the organization aims to create a healthier and more resilient community.


All Services

The Food Bank of West Central Texas offers a range of services to fulfill its mission. They serve as a central hub for collecting, organizing, and distributing food to non-profit agencies that cater to the hungry population in Abilene and the surrounding thirteen counties. Through strategic partnerships, the Food Bank collaborates with local businesses, such as Volleman’s Dairy, to ensure a steady supply of nutritious dairy products for those in need. The organization also provides vital support to local food pantries and meal sites by offering partnership opportunities.


Become a Volunteer

Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of the organization. By donating their time and skills, individuals can actively contribute to fighting hunger in the community. Whether it’s assisting with food sorting, packing, or distribution, volunteers make a great impact on the lives of those facing food insecurity.


Make Donations

The Food Bank of West Central Texas relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to carry out its mission. Monetary donations are always appreciated, as they enable the organization to purchase food in bulk at reduced costs, ensuring the maximum impact of each donation. By making a donation, individuals contribute directly to feeding hungry children and families in West Texas.



The Food Bank stands as a beacon of hope in the fight against hunger. Through their dedicated efforts and partnerships, they strive to alleviate food insecurity and nourish the community. By becoming a volunteer or making a donation, individuals can actively contribute to this noble cause. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that no one in West Texas goes hungry.




Address: 5505 N. 1st St. • Abilene, TX 79603




Phone:  325-695-6311



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