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Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties
Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties


A Beacon of Hope: The Jewish Federation’s Noble Quest

I. The Steward of Compassion: Jewish Federation

In the mosaic of global humanitarianism, the “Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties” emerges as a distinguished cornerstone. Imbued with empathy, this organization’s crusade is not confined to Jewish concerns but spreads its wings far and wide, becoming a beacon for all of humanity. Hillel the Elder’s timeless words, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?” illuminate the Federation’s path, infusing it with a sense of urgency and purpose.

II. A Humanitarian Legacy: Historical Overview

The Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties carries a rich heritage tracing back to the 1940s. Emerging as a modest group of determined Jewish individuals, it has evolved into a respected entity known as the Federated Jewish Charities. Evolving over the decades, it morphed into the Jewish Federation we know today, touching countless lives and making tangible differences.

III. Feeding the Community: The Jerry Doliner Food Bank

The Federation’s generosity materializes in numerous initiatives, but perhaps the most notable is the Jerry Doliner Food Bank. With 98% of beneficiaries not being Jewish, it underscores the Federation’s commitment to humanity, transcending religious or racial divides. A symbol of universal goodwill, the food bank caters to over 3,200 families each year, embodying the Federation’s mission of service.

IV. Binding Ties: Encouraging Jewish Community Engagement

The Federation goes beyond providing essential aid; it nurtures the bonds within the Jewish community through curated events. Be it holiday luncheons or support for local synagogues, the Federation’s actions foster a sense of unity and celebration, strengthening the Jewish identity and its relationship with the state of Israel.

V. Embarking on Global Initiatives: The Federation’s Outreach

The Federation’s impact is not just local. From funding construction of bomb shelters in Israel to supporting families affected by natural disasters, the Federation’s humanitarian footprint extends worldwide. This global perspective emphasizes the Federation’s commitment to “tikkun olam” – healing the world.

VI. Innovative Steps: New Programs and Initiatives

Never one to rest on its laurels, the Federation constantly seeks to innovate. Its recent initiation of the PJ Library program, providing Jewish-themed storybooks to children, is a testament to its commitment to fostering Jewish heritage and values amongst the next generation.

VII. Gratitude and Moving Forward: Appreciating Contributions and Planning for the Future

The Federation’s success lies in its ability to unite people in the face of adversity. Despite daunting challenges like the pandemic, the Federation perseveres, its operations fueled by donor generosity and volunteer spirit. Looking to the future, the Federation continues to welcome support and contributions to carry forward its noble mission.

Conclusion: An Ongoing Journey of Service

In essence, the Jewish Federation of Volusia & Flagler Counties is an embodiment of Rabbi Hillel’s teachings. Its unwavering commitment to strengthening Israel, supporting Jewish concerns, and serving humanity transcends boundaries and touches lives. A shining example of what unity and compassion can accomplish, the Federation invites us all to join in their mission – for together, we can truly make a difference.




Address: 470 Andalusia Avenue, Ormond Beach, FL, United States, Florida


Phone: +1 386-672-0294

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