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Hair help - Angel Hair


Hair help – Angel Hair

A Beacon of Hope for Women Battling Cancer-Related Hair Loss


In the midst of life’s fiercest storms, there exist organizations that shine as beacons of hope, providing comfort and solace to those navigating turbulent waters. Angel Hair, Inc. stands tall among these entities, offering an oasis of confidence to women wrestling with the emotional and physical toll of cancer-related hair loss.


The AngelHair Odyssey


From a Singular Spark to a Flaming Purpose

At the heart of AngelHair, Inc. lies a poignant story of Robbin Hahn Bothof, a resilient woman grappling with pancreatic cancer and the repercussions of chemotherapy on her hair. Through the sheer compassion of a stylist and the transformative power of a wig, Robbin’s life and countless others’ found a renewed sense of purpose.

The Alchemy of Hope and Appearance

For many, AngelHair’s mission isn’t just about providing wigs; it’s about rekindling the spirit of women weakened by life’s adversities. When a woman can look in the mirror and see a reflection of her former self, the healing process transcends the physical realm. Such is the magic AngelHair seeks to weave.


Making a Mark: AngelHair’s Impact


Beyond Wigs: A Comprehensive Support System

AngelHair’s commitment is not confined to giving away wigs. They delve deeper, ensuring that each wig resonates with its recipient’s identity. From customization to structural adjustments, every detail is attended to, ensuring that every woman feels authentically herself.

Voices of Gratitude: Testimonials that Touch the Heart

The true measure of AngelHair’s success lies in the heartfelt words of its beneficiaries. Their stories of transformation and newfound confidence bear testimony to the profound difference a wig can make.


Join the AngelHair Movement


Every Contribution Counts

Donations serve as the lifeblood of AngelHair’s operations. By contributing, you play an instrumental role in uplifting women and helping them regain their lost sense of self during the most challenging phase of their lives.

Volunteering: Be Part of the Change

Your time, energy, and passion can make a tangible impact. By joining AngelHair’s team of volunteers, you can be at the forefront of a movement that’s redefining the cancer narrative for countless women.


Hair help - Angel Hair
Hair help – Angel Hair


AngelHair in the Limelight


Media Appearances: Spreading the Word

With increasing recognition, AngelHair’s story is resonating far and wide. Their appearances in the media not only showcase their commendable work but inspire countless others to join their cause.


Get in Touch with AngelHair


Reaching Out Made Easy

Whether you’re seeking assistance or wish to be part of AngelHair’s mission, reaching them is a breeze. With dedicated contact channels and a welcoming location in Deephaven, MN, AngelHair ensures that everyone feels heard and valued.




AngelHair, Inc. is not just an organization; it’s a transformative force that’s altering the cancer narrative for numerous women. Their mission, rooted in compassion and understanding, stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. By supporting AngelHair, one doesn’t merely donate or volunteer; they actively participate in a movement that’s sewing seeds of hope, confidence, and positivity in the lives of many. Join this cause, and be part of this incredible journey.




Phone: 952-476-2125


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