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Made In Hackney
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Made In Hackney

In today’s fast-paced society, many individuals neglect their health and wellbeing. Modern life’s responsibilities, such as job and social commitments, leave people with little time to concentrate on their physical and mental health. Community initiative Made in Hackney strives to alter this by encouraging healthy and sustainable living via cooking.

Made in Hackney, which was founded in 2012, provides a variety of life- and health-enhancing workshops to individuals and community groups. The group instructs individuals on how to prepare palatable, nutritionally-balanced vegan meals using, if feasible, organic and locally-sourced products. Its courses range from bread-making and fermentation to seminars on plant-based sweets and raw foods.

Made in Hackney’s emphasis on plant-based nutrition correlates with the rising popularity of veganism and vegetarianism, which are associated with several health advantages. Made in Hackney strives to enable individuals to take charge of their health and well-being by equipping them with the means to prepare wholesome, nourishing meals.

In addition, the organization’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond the food we consume. Made in Hackney provides an eco-kitchen that workshop facilitators may use. The kitchen contains energy-efficient equipment and eco-friendly materials, like reclaimed wood and recycled glass. This eco-kitchen exemplifies the organization’s commitment to promoting sustainable living in all facet of its operations.

The purpose of Made in Hackney extends beyond supporting healthy and sustainable living. In addition to addressing problems of social injustice and inequality, the group offers culinary instruction to everyone, regardless of money. Made in Hackney provides a variety of low-cost or no-cost workshops on healthy cooking and sustainable living to low-income Hackney residents, ensuring that everyone has the chance to learn about these topics.

In conclusion, Made in Hackney is an exemplary organisation committed to promoting healthy and sustainable living via cooking. Its emphasis on plant-based diet, sustainability, and social justice distinguishes them from other food business associations. Made in Hackney has a beneficial effect on the society and the environment by encouraging people to make nutritious meals and supporting sustainable lifestyles.




Address: Liberty Hall

128 Clapton Common

Spring Hill, Clapton

London, E5 9AA



Phone:  02084424266


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