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Food Bank for Monterey County


Food Bank for Monterey County

The Food Bank for Monterey County is a charitable organisation whose objective is to eliminate poverty in the county via the promotion of a diet that is rich in nutritional value. They distribute emergency pantries and meal programmes over the full of Monterey County’s 3,700 square miles thanks to their partnerships with 145 local non-profit groups and their operation of over 240 direct distribution stations.

The food bank provides meals to a total of 160,000 individuals every single month via its network of food distribution centres. They help deliver 35 million pounds of food to those in need every month with the assistance of over 500 volunteers each month. Volunteer possibilities at the organisation include distributing food from the warehouse, sorting food on Saturdays, helping with events and fundraisers, providing administrative support, distributing food via the Emergency Food support Program and the Family Market, and serving on committees and boards.


The group has a number of programmes that it runs in order to fulfil its objective. One of these programmes is the EFAP, which is their biggest direct distribution initiative and which distributes basic and nutritious items around the county at a total of 26 different sites. There are ten free farmer’s markets spread out around the county, and there is also a mobile pantry that distributes fresh veggies to farmworkers in the fields at the conclusion of each working day.

The Senior Produce Program delivers fresh produce on a weekly basis to a total of 18 county senior facilities as well as homebound users of the Meals on Wheels programme. The Youth Food Program delivers healthy, freshly prepared meals on a weekly basis to Migrant HeadStart and afterschool services. The Kids N.O.W. program, which stands for “Nutrition Over the Weekend,” provides children with healthy meals that they may take home on the weekends, when the danger of their being hungry is at its greatest. Items are chosen very carefully to ensure that their nutritional requirements for continuing to grow and develop are met.

Over 160 charitable groups

During the course of their treatment and rehabilitation, breast cancer patients and their families are eligible for the Breast Cancer Patient Food Assistance Program, which provides them with weekly supplies. Over 160 charitable groups in the surrounding area depend on the food bank to stock their emergency pantries and run their meal services. Cooking and nutrition lessons, as well as on-site health checks, are just some of the proactive, preventive measures that are offered by the organisation as part of its education and advocacy programs, which are designed to address the health issues of clients.

The Food Bank for Monterey County is an essential organisation that serves the community by reducing the effects of poverty and encouraging individuals to adopt healthier eating patterns. Not only do their programmes and initiatives offer nourishment, but they also provide people and families the ability to make choices that are better for their health.



Address: 353 W Rossi St.

Salinas, CA 93907


Phone:  (831) 758-1523

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