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MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance)
MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance)



To help those with terminal diseases get the food they need to recover, MANNA is a nonprofit that delivers medically-tailored meals and offers nutrition instruction. The vast majority of people might benefit from their nutrition programmes, which are supported by scientific data. Services like as hands-on cooking lessons, nutrition advice, and the delivery of three meals a day, seven days a week demonstrate the organization’s dedication to its clientele.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of MANNA, since they are the ones who put in the most time and energy in the kitchen. Neighbors who care about each other prepare and give free meals to those in need. Each freshly cooked meal is a reminder of the community’s concern, and the clients know that love is the key element in the food they receive.

Patients have saved money thanks to MANNA’s medically customised, therapeutic meals and nutrition advice, which have been demonstrated to dramatically enhance overall health. Hospitalizations were reduced by 50%, and monthly healthcare expenses were reduced by 31%, on average, for patients who received MANNA’s services compared to those who did not. This shows how crucial MANNA’s dietary services are for those with terminal conditions.

Legislators and health insurance providers have taken note of MANNA’s lobbying activities, acknowledging the therapeutic value of food. As an example of the future healthcare system that acknowledges the therapeutic benefits of good nutrition for persons with severe diseases, MANNA continues to build new relationships with local health insurers that compensate the organisation for delivering services to their members.

In conclusion, the services provided by MANNA and the positive changes they have brought about in their customers’ lives demonstrate the organization’s dedication to those it serves. Patients have saved money and the group has been recognised by politicians and health insurers because of its emphasis on diet and education. Future in which adequate nutrition is acknowledged as a vital instrument in treating and enhancing the health of those with severe diseases is central to MANNA’s mission.


Address: The Steven Korman Nutrition Center  420 North 20th Street Philadelphia, PA 19130



Phone:  2154962662

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