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Taff-Ely Foodbank
Taff-Ely Foodbank


Taff-Ely Foodbank

Taff-Ely Foodbank, formerly known as Pontyclun Foodbank, is a crucial South Wales institution that assists individuals in need in acquiring emergency food supplies. The Trussell Trust administers the foodbank that was established in 2010 to assist low-income families and individuals.

In 2021, the Taff-Ely food bank gave 4,449 three-day emergency food supply. The food packages are well-balanced and give clients with sufficient nourishment for three days. Several region citizens suffer financially and cannot fend for themselves, making this service essential.

The Taff-Ely Foodbank is operated by devoted community volunteers who donate their time and energy. At times of crisis, the foodbank delivers more than simply food to individuals in need; it also offers emotional and logistical support. One way we achieve this is by referring them to other helpful sites.

The Trussell Trust provides funding to the Taff-Ely Foodbank, along with more than 1,200 similar organizations across the United Kingdom. The Trust distributes emergency food and aid to people in the United Kingdom who are struggling to make ends meet by partnering with local organizations. The Taff-Ely Foodbank is pleased to contribute to this group and hopes that one day, everyone will have access to the food and assistance they need.

An estimated one in five Brits lives below the poverty line, making food insecurity a significant issue in the nation. Numerous Taff-Ely residents rely heavily on the food bank to survive. Only 4,449 emergency food supplies were distributed in 2021, illustrating the scope of the problem and the importance of the foodbank’s services.

In conclusion, the Taff-Ely Foodbank is a vital community resource that assists individuals in need receive access to emergency food and other resources during difficult times. Due to sponsorship from The Trussell Trust and a dedicated group of volunteers, the foodbank is able to assist a large number of individuals in the Taff-Ely area.



Address: Unit 3, Ely Valley Business Park, Tylagarw, Pontyclun CF72 9DZ


Phone:  01443 520730




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