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The Manna Society


The Manna Society

The Manna Society is a London-based nonprofit with the mission of providing care for the homeless population. It was founded in 1982. The charity provides breakfast and lunch, hot showers with soap and towels, housing and welfare guidance, among other services, to the homeless. With the aid of these programmes, the homeless may live better lives, regain their footing, and contribute to society in positive ways.

The Manna Society offers breakfast and lunch offerings, which are substantial and healthy meals with a range of selections to accommodate various dietary needs. The charity also offers hot showers, which may be a luxury for many homeless people who lack access to bathrooms or clean water. These services are accessible every weekday and are provided without charge.

The Manna Organization also counsels homeless people on housing and welfare issues. Individuals may locate acceptable housing, access benefits, and take care of any other concerns that could be keeping them from getting a stable living arrangement with the aid of the organization’s skilled staff and volunteers. The Manna Society seeks to assist people in making the transition from homelessness to a more secure and stable existence by addressing these challenges.

The services offered by The Manna Society are created to help and care for the homeless people in a kind and respectful way. The high-quality services the organisation offers and the beneficial effects it has on those it serves are testaments to its dedication to helping the homeless.



Address: The Manna Society 12 Melior Street London SE1 3QP


Phone:  0207 357 9363


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