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The YWCA USA is a group committed to eradicating racism, empowering women, and advancing universal peace, justice, freedom, and dignity. The YWCA has been in the vanguard of social change, activism, and community development for more than 160 years.

The YWCA’s dedication to advancing racial justice is one of its main offerings. Via initiatives for public awareness, education, and advocacy, the group strives to end racism. In order to detect and confront systematic racism and prejudice, the YWCA also offers people and organisations training and tools.

The YWCA’s assistance of women and girls is another important service it offers. The organisation offers a variety of services and initiatives aimed at enabling women and girls to realise their full potential. Programs for developing leadership, career advice, and mentorship are included. The YWCA also provides services including counselling and legal advocacy to help survivors of gender-based violence.

The YWCA is dedicated to advancing social justice and community development in addition to its work on racial justice and women’s empowerment. The company offers a range of services intended to build up communities and advance social and economic fairness. These comprises efforts for community development, job training and placement services, and programmes for affordable housing.

Voting rights, immigration reform, and access to affordable healthcare are just a few of the problems the YWCA is working on. These efforts demonstrate the organization’s dedication to social justice. The group promotes policies that advance fairness and justice, and it offers tools and training to both people and groups so they may be successful in promoting social change.

The YWCA is committed to advancing world peace and human dignity for everyone. The group offers services that support mediation and conflict resolution, seeks to establish connections across communities, and advocates for tolerance and respect. The YWCA also offers information and assistance to people and families dealing with difficulties such as poverty or other issues.



Advocacy and Public Policy

Advocating for policies that advance the rights and well-being of women and communities of color at local, state, and federal levels

Racial Justice

Providing education and training to address issues of racism and inequality

Economic Empowerment

Offering job training, financial education, and support to help women achieve financial independence

Health and Safety

Providing programs and services to address issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and reproductive health

Youth Services

Offering after-school programs, mentorship, and leadership development opportunities to support children and youth in underserved communities

International Services

Working on global initiatives to advance women’s rights and gender equality and supporting YWCA organizations in other countries



Address: 1400 I Street, Suite 325 Washington, DC 20005


Phone:  (202) 467-0801

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