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Bichons and Buddies
Bichons and Buddies
Bichons and Buddies


Bichons And Buddies

Bichons and Buddies is a charitable group whose mission is to find good homes for little dogs abandoned in shelters. The group’s goal is to prevent the needless slaughter of as many dogs as possible in shelters due to overcrowding, abuse, neglect, and other causes. The charity gives these dogs the medical treatment they need, a secure and loving home, and the unconditional love and attention they deserve until they find their permanent family via adoption.

Bichons and Buddies is unlike any other organisation since it only focuses on finding new homes for Bichons and Bichon mixes. They think these dogs would make wonderful companions since they have so much love to offer, but they seldom find homes owing to the fact that they need so much upkeep. Bichons and Buddies rescues pets like this, giving them a second chance at a happy and healthy life by giving them professional grooming and medical treatment.

The group also places a premium on outreach and education. Spaying and neutering, regular veterinarian care, and good diet are just a few of the topics covered in these guides on ethical pet keeping. In order to facilitate a smooth adjustment for both the dogs and their new family, the organisation provides adoption families with information and assistance.


On the whole, Bichons and Buddies is a fantastic group that does amazing work saving the lives of disadvantaged small dogs. Their devotion to educating the public and finding new homes for rescued dogs is admirable, and their efforts to improve conditions for pets and their owners are invaluable. Check out Bichons and Buddies and consider volunteering if you’re looking to adopt a little dog or care about animal welfare.



Address: Bichons and Buddies P.O. Box 21 Los Angeles, CA 90066


Phone:  (310) 398-0237

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