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Last Chance for Animals (LCA)
Last Chance for Animals (LCA)


Last Chance For Animals

Dedicated to putting an end to animal abuse and advancing animal rights, Last Chance for Animals (LCA) is a nonprofit group. From its founding in 1984, LCA has devoted itself to exposing animal abuse and advancing the cause of compassionate and respectful treatment of all living things.

Investigative work is one of LCA’s main areas of expertise. The group conducts undercover investigations into sectors that make money off of animal abuse, such as the trade in exotic animals and industrial farming. LCA has helped to bring about change in these sectors by exposing several instances of animal maltreatment.

In addition to conducting investigations, LCA promotes animal protection laws and speaks out in favour of animal rights. The group’s legal department works to create and promote animal-friendly laws and offers legal assistance to abused animals.

Education is a crucial service that LCA offers. Through public events, media campaigns, and educational resources, the group strives to increase awareness of animal abuse and the significance of animal rights. They also provide tools to those who want to become vegans, which is an important step in decreasing animal abuse and advancing environmental sustainability.

LCA also supports initiatives to rescue and rehabilitate animals. The organisation collaborates with neighbourhood animal sanctuaries and rescue organisations to finance and support initiatives to rescue and rehabilitate animals as well as campaigns to increase public awareness of the value of adopting animals from shelters and rescues.

For everyone who is concerned about animal rights and wellbeing, Last Chance for Animals is a priceless resource. LCA is significantly contributing to the battle against animal abuse and exploitation via its research, activism, outreach, education, and support for animal rescue initiatives.



Address: Last Chance For Animals 8033 Sunset Blvd #835 Los Angeles, CA 90046


Phone:  310-271-6096

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