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Brent Foodbank

Brent Foodbank is a humanitarian organisation situated in Brent, London, whose mission is to combat food insecurity by distributing emergency food to people in need. It is part of a nationwide network of food banks funded by the Trussell Trust, a national charity fighting to alleviate hunger and poverty in the United Kingdom.

Brent Foodbank provides individuals and families that are struggling to make ends meet with three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced food, as well as guidance and assistance to address the underlying reasons of their crisis. Volunteers painstakingly sift, pack, and deliver food to people in need, relying on contributions of food and finances from local individuals, companies, and community organisations.

In addition to supplying emergency food supplies, Brent Foodbank provides a variety of other services to assist individuals in need. This includes referrals to other appropriate organisations and support services, such as financial advice, housing assistance, and mental health services, to assist in addressing the core causes of food insecurity and promoting long-term solutions.

The services of the Brent Foodbank are accessible to anybody in distress in the local community, regardless of background or circumstances. It works on a referral system, with vouchers offered through a network of partner organisations, such as schools, general practitioners’ offices, and housing associations, who may identify people and families in need of assistance.

Overall, Brent Foodbank plays a critical role in alleviating food insecurity in the local community, and its services have grown more more important since the Covid-19 outbreak, which has left many people and families unable to put food on the table. The organization’s dedication to delivering not just emergency food supplies but also referrals to extra assistance and resources is assisting in addressing the core causes of food insecurity and fostering better community resilience and well-being.



Address: Vestry Hall Neasden Lane (Church End roundabout) London NW10 2TS


Phone:  0203 7455 972

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