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Bridgend Foodbank


Bridgend Foodbank

The Bridgend Foodbank is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2009 to assist the Bridgend County Borough in South Wales in feeding the needy. The UK-based Trussell Trust operates the foodbank as part of a bigger network with the aim of eradicating hunger and poverty in the country. Almost sixty devoted volunteers guarantee that all food given by the community, supermarkets, churches, and schools in Bridgend reaches people in need.

In 2020, the food bank assisted 7,260 individuals, including 1,794 children and 4,347 adults, by distributing three-days’ worth of emergency food supplies. Two-thirds of those assisted were referred due to issues with their benefits or a lack of funds. The Bridgend Foodbank gives its full attention to those who are struggling financially and at danger of going hungry. The foodbank delivers food packages comprising essentials such as cereal, pasta, and rice.

The fact that one in five British are impoverished is one of the nation’s most alarming poverty statistics. The Bridgend Foodbank collaborates with around 70 local charities and organizations, including as housing associations, debt management agencies, and advising centers, to assist individuals in need. In addition to giving food, the food bank provides a safe space for individuals in need to express their grievances and get guidance on where to find more aid.

Seven trustees are responsible for overseeing the food bank and ensuring that it remains relevant to community needs. To ensure the successful operation of the food bank, the trustees interact closely with the staff and volunteers. To continue its fight against hunger and poverty in the Bridgend region, the Bridgend Foodbank is in constant need of new volunteers and monetary donations.

In conclusion, the Bridgend Foodbank is an essential resource for the community, ensuring that no one in need will have to choose between paying their expenses and eating. The food bank’s commitment to assisting individuals in need by providing them with emergency food and other resources is highly beneficial. The Bridgend Foodbank is committed to eliminating hunger and poverty in Bridgend County Borough with the assistance of volunteers, donations, and local organizations.



Address: Hope Baptist Church Station Hill Bridgend CF31 1EA


Phone:  01656 750016

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