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Feeding the Valley Food Bank todogod
Feeding the Valley Food Bank


Feeding the Valley Food Bank

West Georgia and Alabama residents are served by Feeding the Valley Food Bank, a non-profit organization. This food bank is one of Georgia’s eight regional food banks dedicated to ending starvation in their respective communities. The Feeding the Valley Food Bank adheres to the American Institute of Bakers International’s food safety standards.

The network

As a member of Feeding America, the organization has a network of 350 associate organizations, including, among others, schools, churches, and youth programs. The food bank was established in 1982 as Interfaith Action Food Bank. The name was altered to “Feeding The Valley” in 2009.

It provides a variety of services to those in need within the community. Partnering with non-profit partner agencies and congregations, the Partner Agency Food Distribution program distributes food to 18 counties in West Georgia and Alabama. Each month, 12,000 food-insecure families receive supplies from the Mobile Pantry program.

The Senior Meals program provides seniors who are homebound and unable to prepare their own meals with a meals-on-wheels-style delivery service. The program ensures that seniors receive meals that meet their nutritional requirements.

Children’s Food Distribution

Children’s Food Distribution is an essential service provided by the food bank, as Georgia was ranked fourth in the nation by USA Today in 2014 for child food insecurity. This program provides sustenance to students experiencing food insecurity, particularly on weekends when they cannot access school meals.

School Food Pantries are located within schools and enable students to pick up a nutritious refreshment or food for their families to take home. The Kids Café program provides children in need with afternoon heated meals and refreshments. This program not only provides nutritious meals, but also fosters an environment where children can socialize and participate in educational activities.

“Feeding the Valley Food Bank” provides a variety of services to those in need in the community, including seniors, children, and families. It ensures that food is distributed to the 18 counties in West Georgia and Alabama through its partner organizations. Feeding the Valley Food Bank continues to make a difference in the lives of those confronting food insecurity with the help of the community.

They update this mobile Pantry food distribution chart, so if you need assistance, please visit the website for Help >>>>



Address: 6744 Flat Rock Road | Midland, GA | 31820


Phone:  (706) 561-4755

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