Glasgow SW Foodbank
Glasgow SW Foodbank


Glasgow SW Foodbank

The Glasgow SW Foodbank is a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to offer food to those in need. The organisation, founded in 2013, works from many sites in the southwest of Glasgow with the assistance of a group of devoted volunteers.

The Glasgow South West Foodbank assists individuals and families that are struggling to make ends meet by giving food packages containing three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced food. The group collaborates with front-line care providers such as physicians, social workers, and support staff to locate and distribute food coupons to persons in distress. These certificates may then be redeemed for a food package comprising staples such as pasta, cereal, canned foods, and baby items.

The food packages supplied by Glasgow SW Foodbank are intended to offer a temporary solution to people who are experiencing financial hardships, providing them with enough food to last until they can afford to purchase their own groceries. The organisation acknowledges that this is a temporary solution and collaborates with partner groups to offer long-term help.

Glasgow SW Foodbank depends significantly on both food and monetary contributions to maintain its services. The organisation accepts donations from individuals, community organisations, and corporations, and has implemented a number of programmes to promote recurring contributions. During the year, the group also holds fundraising events to support its activities.

Glasgow SW Foodbank provides other support services in addition to providing emergency food supply. This involves directing them to various organisations and charities that may assist with concerns such as debt counselling, housing, and job assistance.

Glasgow SW Foodbank performs an essential role in assisting those in crisis in the southwest of Glasgow. By delivering emergency food supplies, the charity reduces hunger and ensures that individuals have access to life-sustaining necessities. Glasgow SW Foodbank continues to have a beneficial effect on the community with the help of volunteers and donations.



Address:  Ibrox Parish Church, 67 Clifford Street, Glasgow, G51 1QH


Phone:  07437 910115

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