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Long Island Cares


Long Island Cares

Uniting Resources to Fight Hunger and Food Insecurity


The foodbank, also known as The Harry Chapin Food Bank, is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting hungry and food-insecure communities on Long Island. Founded by the late Harry Chapin in 1980, Long Island Cares has grown to become a leading hunger assistance organization, distributing over ten million pounds of food and supplies annually.

Vision and Mission

Long Island Cares’ aim to unite all available resources in support of the hungry and food-insecure populations on the island. The organization’s mission is to address the humanitarian needs of the community by enhancing food security, promoting self-sufficiency programs for families, and raising public awareness.

Comprehensive Services

The foodbank offers a range of services to combat hunger and support the community:

  1. Food Distribution: Long Island Cares operates as a food bank, supplying food and supplies to nearly 400 member agencies in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. These agencies include
    • food pantries,
    • soup kitchens,
    • shelters,
    • group homes,
    • day treatment facilities,
    • senior nutrition sites, and
    • day care centers.(As per their official website)
  2. Self-Sufficiency Programs: In addition to food distribution, Long Island Cares focuses on promoting self-sufficiency among families. They provide programs and resources that support individuals in becoming more independent and secure, ultimately reducing their reliance on emergency food services.
  3. Public Awareness and Advocacy: The foodbank raises public awareness about hunger-related issues, working to combat the underlying causes of food insecurity. They advocate for policy changes and collaborate with community partners to address the root causes.

Become a Volunteer

Long Island Cares welcomes volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in the fight against hunger. By volunteering their time and skills, individuals can actively contribute to the organization’s mission. Volunteers can assist with various tasks, including food sorting, packaging, distribution, fundraising events, and administrative support. The organization offers opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved.

Make Donations

Long Island Cares relies on the support of corporations and individuals to fight hunger in the community. They provide various ways for individuals and organizations to make donations:

  1. Online Donations: Donors can make secure online donations directly through the The foodbank website.
  2. Cryptocurrency Donations: Long Island Cares accepts donations in cryptocurrency, allowing supporters to contribute using digital currencies.
  3. Stock/Wire Transfers: Donors have the option to make donations through stock or wire transfers, providing an alternative way to support the organization.
  4. Planned Giving: Long Island Cares offers opportunities for planned giving, allowing donors to leave a lasting impact through their estate plans.
  5. Naming, Memorial, and Honor Gifts: The organization provides opportunities for donors to make naming, memorial, and honor gifts, recognizing individuals or organizations in a meaningful way.
  6. Chapin Legacy Walkway Program: Supporters can contribute to the Chapin Legacy Walkway program, which offers engraved pavers that become a permanent part of Long Island Cares’ grounds.
  7. Car Donations: Long Island Cares accepts car donations, providing an additional way for individuals to support their mission.
  8. Fundraisers and Events: Long Island Cares encourages individuals to organize fundraisers and participate in their events, helping to raise funds and awareness for the cause.
  9. eBay for Charity: The organization has partnered with eBay for Charity, enabling supporters to donate a portion of their proceeds when selling items on eBay.
  10. Corporate Giving: The foodbank welcomes corporate giving and collaborates with businesses to make a significant impact in the fight against hunger.

Every donation, regardless of the amount, makes a difference in feeding those in need on Long Island.


Long Island Cares, Inc., The Harry Chapin Food Bank, is dedicated to addressing hunger and food insecurity on Long Island. By volunteering time, making donations, and supporting their initiatives, individuals and organizations can actively contribute to their vision of a Hunger Free Long Island.



Address: 10 Davids Drive

(Harry Chapin Way)

Hauppauge, NY 11788-2039


Phone:  631-582-3663


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