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North Country Food Bank


North Country Food Bank

Providing Food & Hope in 21 Counties



The North Country Food Bank is a nonprofit organization that has been serving communities since 1983. With a focus on providing food and hope, they support over 220 hunger relief agencies and programs across 21 counties. Their commitment to addressing food insecurity has made a significant impact on individuals and families in need.


Supporting Communities:

The North Country Food Bank plays a vital role in supporting communities by providing food assistance. They collaborate with a wide network of hunger relief agencies and programs to ensure that those in need have access to nutritious meals. Since their inception, they have been dedicated to fighting hunger and making a positive difference in the lives of individuals facing food insecurity.


Distribution of Food Products:

The North Country Food Bank is responsible for the distribution of a variety of food items as one of its primary duties. They give out nearly 4 million pounds of food to more than 244 organizations that help those who are hungry every year. This extensive network ensures that the food reaches those who need it most across their service area. By providing essential resources, the organization helps alleviate hunger and provides individuals with the hope they need to overcome their challenges.


Client-Choice Food Shelf:

The North Country Food Bank operates a client-choice Food Shelf, specifically serving Polk County. Individuals in need can contact the Food Shelf at (218) 470-2010 for assistance.. The client-choice model empowers individuals to choose the food items they need, promoting dignity and respect while addressing their specific dietary requirements.


Making a Difference:

The Food Bank has made a significant impact on the communities it serves. Through their efforts, they provide not only essential nourishment but also hope for a better future. By collaborating with numerous hunger relief agencies, they create a comprehensive and coordinated approach to fighting food insecurity. Their commitment to the cause has helped countless individuals and families regain stability and improve their quality of life.



The Food Bank is a crucial organization dedicated to addressing food insecurity in 21 counties. Through their partnerships with hunger relief agencies and programs, they provide essential food assistance to those in need. With a client-choice Food Shelf and the distribution of millions of pounds of food annually, they make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals facing hunger. By supporting the North Country Food Bank, you can contribute to their mission of providing food and hope to communities in need.



Address: 1011 11th Ave NE

East Grand Forks, MN 56721


Phone:  (218)399-7356


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