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The Community Cupboard
The Community Cupboard


The Community Cupboard

Local community members in need have access to food and goods via the Community Cupboard, a non-profit organisation. The group believes that no one should go hungry and seeks to guarantee that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to fresh and nutritious meals.

From its inception, The Community Cupboard has provided essential aid to individuals in need in the local community. The charity maintains a food bank that provides food and goods to low-income individuals. This comprises those with low salaries, those who have lost their employment, and those with significant financial challenges.

The food bank is managed by a group of motivated volunteers who are committed to improving the lives of people in need. The volunteers labour diligently to gather and distribute food and grocery contributions from local companies and individuals to those in most need.

In addition to giving food and consumables to individuals in need, The Community Cupboard also offers practical assistance. This includes aid with budgeting, cooking, and food planning, as well as accessing other community programmes and resources.

Everyone who enters the organization’s doors will find a welcome and supportive atmosphere. Volunteers at The Community Cupboard work tirelessly to establish a secure and welcoming environment where individuals may obtain the resources they need without fear of judgement or prejudice.

If you or someone you know is in need of food or groceries, The Community Cupboard is here to assist. The group is available to everyone in need, regardless of their situation or background. Hence, if you are struggling to make ends meet, please contact The Community Cupboard now.



Address:  The Community Cupboard, Gamecock Meadow, London Road,  West Kingdown, TN15 6EL


Phone:  07526 823 122



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