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Tri-State Food Bank

A charitable organisation with its headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, the Tri-State Food Bank, Inc. provides food assistance to 33 counties in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. It is the purpose of this organisation to improve the quality of life of food-insecure families and children by working in conjunction with local organisations to provide sufficient food and nutrition to those in need [1].

Tri-State Food Bank functions as a food bank, which means that it accepts food donations and then distributes those donations to charitable feeding organisations located within its service region [2]. These organisations include of food banks, shelters, soup kitchens, and other community groups that provide meals to those in need [3]. In the event of natural disasters like floods and tornadoes, the food bank contributes both food and supplies to the relief activities that are being carried out.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the Tri-State Food Bank is accomplished via the collaborative efforts of its staff members and the volunteers who support it. Mary Blair serves as the Executive Director of the organisation, while Keith Lehman serves as the Operations Director, Tammy Berry serves as the Director of Finance and Human Resources, Heather Owens serves as the Programmes Director, Denise Rodgers serves as the Development Director, and John Parker serves as the Warehouse Manager [9][10]. The volunteers of this organisation assist with a variety of duties, including the sorting and packaging of food, the delivery of food to various organisations, and the assistance with administrative work [5].

More programmes

In addition to its ongoing efforts to distribute food, the Tri-State Food Bank also administers a number of programmes that are designed with certain demographics in mind. During the summer months, when children do not have access to school meals, the Child Hunger and Outreach Programme of the organisation offers children with food assistance [8]. A monthly supply of food is provided to older citizens who are in need via a programme called senior boxes, which are distributed by the food bank in partnership with local organisations [3].

In order to accomplish its goals, the Tri-State Food Bank depends largely on monetary contributions as well as the assistance of volunteers. Donations of both money and food, as well as hours of volunteer service, are gratefully accepted. Donors have the option of making one-time or regular contributions, and the food bank also provides sponsorship options for companies and organisations who desire to support its activities [1]. Donors may also choose to make their contributions in a variety of other ways.

In conclusion, Tri-State Food Bank, Inc. is an essential organisation that plays an indispensable part in reducing the prevalence of food insecurity in the region that it serves. Those in need of vital food assistance may get it thanks to the organization’s collaborations with local organisations and programmes that are geared towards serving particular groups. The hard efforts of the organization’s committed staff members and volunteer members to accomplish the organization’s goals are dependent on the assistance they get from the local community.



Address: 801 E. Michigan Street, Evansville, Indiana, 47711

Phone:  18124250775

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