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KleinLife is a non-profit organization that serves as a community resource center in Philadelphia, providing an array of high-caliber programs to its culturally varied and intergenerational audience. The organization is rooted in Jewish principles of community, social responsibility, and tikkun olam, which translates to repairing the world.

KleinLife’s mission is to provide services and programs to seniors, independent living, assisted living facilities, afterschool programs, and specialized groups. Their expertise in the local community is unmatched, as they have been serving the Philadelphia community for over 40 years.

One of the organization’s significant services is its health and prescription facility, where seniors can get access to medical attention and prescription medication without having to leave the building. The facility ensures that seniors receive top-notch health care and medication management, providing peace of mind to their families and loved ones.

KleinLife is also well-known for its camp activities for children, which provide a safe and engaging environment for children to learn and play during the summer months. Additionally, the afterschool program caters to children from all backgrounds, providing a stimulating and supportive environment for them to learn, play, and grow.

One of KleinLife’s unique programs is the Generation-to-Generation program, which brings together Holocaust survivors and young adults. The program aims to foster intergenerational relationships while passing on the stories and experiences of Holocaust survivors to future generations.

KleinLife is committed to tikkun olam and community services, and they have a variety of specialized groups that cater to the needs of the community. One of their specialized groups is the Older Adult LGBTQIA+ group, which offers support and social activities for LGBTQIA+ seniors. The organization also offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities for seniors, including art classes, music lessons, and group outings.

In conclusion, KleinLife is a community resource center that offers a wide range of services and programs to the Philadelphia community. Their commitment to Jewish principles and tikkun olam is evident in their focus on community services, specialized groups, and intergenerational programs. With over 40 years of local expertise, KleinLife continues to be a vital organization that serves the Philadelphia community.



Address: 10100 Jamison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19116


Phone:  215-698-7300

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